And now for something completely different

Blogging, Still Life

This is not the type of photography I’ve ever really thought about before. But I was inspired to give it a go following an article in the April edition of Digital Photographer.

I decided to go for something safe. This is a long way from good, but it did make me think! I wanted some strong sharp verticals that caught the light, and some contrasting colour and softness below. I was able to get that using a wide aperture. I’m quite happy with the apples and mango low down, even the pineapple and vagueness of texture in the material at the bottom was what I was looking for. But the bottle shows my lack of appreciation of  light in the moment.

There was a long window to camera left, three high level windows behind the camera, and a Manfrotto Lumie low to camera right. All of these sources have created distraction on the bottle. I should have repositioned to take advantage of the long window creating some edge light, somehow diffused or blocked the high level windows, and improvised a snout on the manfrotto to stop that horrible highlight hitting the glass above the label.

You live and learn!

Still Life1/250, f2.2, ISO160


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