Giant Lanterns


Edinburgh Zoo is a magical place after dark for the next three months.

The Giant Lanterns were lit last night. With illuminated dragons, snowdrops and lotus flowers alongside many of the zoos favourite animals it is a truly enchanted place.



Trying to capture the images with an 11 year old camera sensor that looks grainy over ISO800 meant I went for exposures that did not try to capture any surrounding light.

I like how this has meant the lanterns seem disconnected from their surroundings.





Backlight in the street

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Christmas is in full swing in Edinburgh. Princes Street has the smell of mulled wine and roasted chestnuts about it. I did a few in my usual style street photographs, thinking about black and white images. But I also wanted to try something different.

I was crouching against a bike stand, thinking about Digital Photography School’s Weekly Challenge on backlighting. At this time of year the sun is low in the sky, and it can provide some interesting backlighting. I noticed this person walking a line that was going to pass right in front of me. In this picture the backlighting is quite subtle but I liked that the tones of her scarf complemented the tones of the buildings.

Princes Street

Taken on a Canon 30D with an EF 50 lens, 1/800, f/8. Exposure on the person was increased 1 stop in Lightroom.

Sunday Seaside

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In 1988, Morrissey released his first solo album. Having been a Smiths fan I remember the day I bought it. Getting it home – putting it on the turntable, yes a turntable – feeling a bit uncomfortable at some of the lyrics. Did he really sing Bengali in Platforms? But one song really grabbed me.

Trudging slowly over wet sand, 
back to the place where your clothes were stolen.
This is the coastal town, 
that they forgot to close down.
Come armageddon, come armageddon, come.
Everyday is like Sunday,
everyday is cloudy and grey.

This was home, on the east coast of Scotland. The image in my mind was clear, and has been for almost 30 years. The shelter in the park, near the end of the promenade out passed the miniature railway.

I was there on Sunday – even the greased tea kiosk was closed – but the sea looked beautiful.

Long panning exposure of the horizon from the low common at arbroath


Visible at Patriothall

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Today is the last day of Visible at Patriothall in Edinburgh.

The exhibition is by a group of women artists working in and around Edinburgh. While each has a different approach to making art, they have been brought together by a common purpose: to express through art the experience and knowledge each carries, and which resonates with the wider human community.

My wife is one of the sculptors exhibiting, and so I am entirely and utterly non-objective! I think Heather’s work and the work of the others exhibited shows a boldness in experimentation. There is a lot of fun and mischief on show, as well as some deeper reflections that the observer might conjure for themselves.

I am always struck at how much energy and emotion goes into an exhibition. Having seen it first hand now a number of times, I am far more appreciative, not only of the product, but also the human process…….and sometimes I just have to smile……..