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A few days ago I used the word dreich in a blog. Not a word your average anglophone, born south of Gretna will know. If you were wondering what this word means – then here it is.

dreichScots has some fabulous words. If onomatopoeia is a word that sounds like what it is, then we’ve got words that are emotionally onomatopoeiac.

Dreich is how it feels, glaiket is how they look, a burach is just what it is and mingin has you holding your breath!

Winter ice

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Perhaps it’s because there have been so many ice bubble photographs, I thought I’d do something icy.

This is some ice that had formed in the garden, shot through a reverse 22mm lens. It was shot at 1/400s, and ISO at 3200. Since the lens wasn’t connected to the camera, there was no control over the aperture.


Post production was a slight crop and a slight colour balance adjustment on the blue midtones.


colour, landscape and nature

Yellowcraigs Beach

There are times when I find that I can be somewhere fantastic, but for whatever reason things don’t seem to work. Yellowcraig’s beach at Direlton, near Edinburgh is a regular haunt.

On this day, I was frustrated that I wasn’t capturing anything that excited me. I didn’t have a plan, but was thinking about what you can do with a camera without resorting to post processing.

I started to try out some camera motion to create a painterly effect. I didn’t want to lose the sense of beach, sea and horizon. At the same time though I didn’t want a straight photo of the beach. I had an ND filter and so was able to slow the shutter down to 1/8 @ f36.

I had to do some spot cleaning in Lightroom. At that aperture the ten year old sensor was showing a few blemishes. I’m too mean to pay for a professional clean!