Grey tower

colour, urban

The final photo from a walk round the Gyle busines park. I don’t know which building this is. Edinburgh is not a city of tall buildings, so you need to get close to the ground to get any sense of presence from the buildings. I think the guests of the local budget hotel thought I was mad, lying on the ground taking the picture of an office stairwell!

gray tower1/100, f/10, ISO160


black and white, urban

Stuck inside this weekend. I was grounded by the Australian Flu five days ago, and now feeling like I’m coming out of it, but with no physical energy. Must be better though, because my brain is starting to work!

So a different approach this week. An old photo, resurrected and post-processed. I’ve bitten the bullet and bought On 1 Photo Raw. I’m planning on using it alongside Lightroom and Photoshop. We’ll see. So far it feels a little slow in specific tasks – but less fiddly and technical in performing some operations, than the Adobe products.

The subject is the car park above Titus Skateboarding on Benrather Str in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Titus Dusseldorf

Originally shot hand held 1/20 @f/22, ISO 200 using the EFS18-55mm stock lens @ 28mm. The original was very flat and the building corner at the left hand side looked like it was tilting back at 13degs.

My workflow was to transform in photoshop to correct the 13deg skew, then edit the resulting .psd in ON 1. In layers. I replaced the original sky with some motioned blurred sky from another shot, used two seperate, self selected B&W transforms for the sky and building, (I wanted the “nose ring” to pop out a bit – thanks to Dan Harlacher @ON1 for the inspiration). Finally I sharpened the building for screen. The JPEG was created from lightroom using my standard export.